Based on the growing demand for new software in the medical industry and the new initiative of the US government for EMR (Electronic Medical Records), Sysintelli, Inc started analyzing the demand for a software product which improves the accuracy of the medical practices especially for doctors.

Medical industry is growing exponentially day by day. Clinical staff are working hard to support the growing needs of medical care. The study shows that more than 90% of the doctors are still using manual procedures to manage their clinics. Based on the existing conditions of the current medical system there lies a need for an automated medical software system.

MedIntelli gives the complete end to end solution starting from appointment schedule to end billing to all the physicians. It is an integrated solution which gives a complete solution of Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

MedIntelli’s design is based on the US governments new initiative guide lines for doctors and medical practices to comply with the EMR processes and procedures with CCHIT certification criteria. MedIntelli helps physician practices take advantage of the Health Information Technology for Electronic and Clinical Health ( HITECH) Act, a component of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA).


MedIntelli’s mission is to provide a simple fully integrated CCHIT Certified EMR solution with Low-Investment, High-Return, Web-Based EMR Solution on Cloud Computing Technology.


The need for a good portal based system is more relevant in the current day and age. With the younger population increasing and more educated, the need for better and efficient health care system becomes even more important. Our system is being designed with these challenges in mind, and to provide a better, easier and more user friendly solution. We have taken inputs from some of this industry's top talent and put together an architecture which will meet and exceed today’s requirements and also suffice for future needs. We are also incorporating cutting edge technologies in developing this solution. We will be using Microsoft technology as well as Java in developing this system.

Feedback for the design and architecture from our pilot customers has been more than encouraging. We are very confident that as customers get to use and try our software, they will appreciate the breadth and depth of it and will adopt it.


Patient Health Records (PHR): Manages patients in this module. The patients have full access to their records from this portal. They can schedule/cancel an appointment, view lab records, alerts, medication, prescriptions’ from this module.

Front desk portal

The front desk portal manages different modules .In this module they can schedule an appointment; check the validation of insurance, billing.

Doctor portal

This portal is integrated with different modules. The doctor can have the electronic medical records with HIPAA compliance. Doctor can get alert of history, allergies and complication of a particular patient. From this portal he can access directly the transcription portal.

Grouping and Matching: With this you have the ability to maintain groups. This in turn eases the ability to match the regulations setup by HIPAA. You can create searchable groups and categorize applicants based on your requirements.

Intelligent Workflow Tracker:Intelligent Workflow Tracker gives you the flexibility to maintain some user specific workflows. It does not bind you to a particular workflow. The intention is to give user the control and freedom to manage his/her work.

Smart Communication: Since communication is a key aspect of healthcare process, this system gives you the flexibility of communicating via email, phone, and fax. This piece is tightly integrated with the software and can be invoked and used from very minor use to critical pieces. You can set reminders, send group messages, can send smart responses etc. We have tight integration with PDAs and Smart phones/ devices and give you the flexibility to manage communication with these devices anytime/ anywhere.